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Arrest made in connection to mail carrier shooting

The incident happened in the 800 block of Deerborn Avenue. (Source: Katie Bauer/WAVE3News) The incident happened in the 800 block of Deerborn Avenue. (Source: Katie Bauer/WAVE3News)
Eric Bennett (Source: LMDC) Eric Bennett (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A man is under arrest in the Feb. 10 shooting of a U.S. Postal worker.

Eric Bennett, 37, was taken into custody by federal officials on Manslick Road on Tuesday. He faces serious charges and he has quite a history already with police. Bennett is a convicted felon and his rap sheet now includes attempted murder and assault. Those charges may soon move to Federal Court.

For the past 16 years, Bennett has kept police busy. According to a police report, investigators said Bennett shot U.S. Postal worker Daron Lester on Dearborn Avenue. 

The Judge asked Bennett during his arraignment hearing Wednesday if he understood what he was accused of. 

When Bennett shrugged, the judge responded, "You're accused of shooting a U.S. Postal Carrier while he was in the process of delivering the U.S. mail." 

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"I'm overjoyed at the thought," Jeanette Carter said. 

Carter and other Dearborn Avenue neighbors still want to know why Bennett was targeting their mail carrier, but they are relieved about Bennett's arrest.

"I'm really glad to hear it and we feel much safer because of it because we don't know why in the world he would do something like that," she said. 

What we do know about Bennett? In 2000, charges and guilty pleas ranged from fleeing and evading police to criminal trespassing, reckless driving and resisting arrest. In 2003, wanton endangerment, operating a motor vehicle under the influence, drug possession, resisting arrest and assault. 

In 2004, cocaine possession was the charge and it came again in 2008. That's when police believed Bennett was part of a Victory Park Gang. In 2010, things got a little more serious when he was charged with the attempted murder of a police officer.

LMPD said back then, he tried to kill an officer with his car. Investigators said they stopped Bennett on Algonquin Parkway because he did not have brake lights. They say he tried to drive off dragging a detective in the process. 

After a chase, they said they found cocaine in his car. He currently has pending drug trafficking charges from 2015 and now he's wanted in Federal court and the U.S. Attorney's Office that, according to the arrest report, believes he's a flight risk. Because of that, the arraignment judge increased Bennett's bond to $500,000 full cash. 

The postal carrier, who was taken to University of Louisville Hospital following the shooting, is still recovering. 

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