Jones' Journey: Daddy drama!

Jones' Journey: Daddy drama!

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's official; the father finch is nesting.

Why did I marry my husband? Why does anyone get married? My list of reasons is longer than the longest baby registry. Longer than the "must haves" and the "good to haves." Longer than the endless hours we'll spend watching our little one sleep, cry and laugh. To spare you the mushy romance, I'll put it bluntly: I married up. Way up, like way up in the tree top, up.

They say a woman starts nesting in her final trimester. Organizing closets, drawers, anything she can get her swollen hands on. But, what they don't tell you is how your equally anxious husband settles in and nests right next to you.

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My latest daddy drama centers around a tree, not the one we're nesting in, but one smack dab in the middle of our baby's room.

Here's a little back story. We ordered a tree decal online. I opened it and didn't like the shade of the colors. (Remember we are designing a gender neutral room so it's no easy feat.) My husband loved it. Being the good mama finch I am, I decided to spend 2.5 hours putting the tree up to surprise him. He loved it even more. I hated it even more. They say marriage and parenting are about compromise, figuring out your way through a maze of decisions. Some monumental, some inconsequential, some 7 feet tall with bright green, brown and blue leaves. This fork in the road has been my latest pregnancy pain. It may sound silly to some, but anyone who's tried to decorate the perfect nursery for a perfect baby will understand.

My mother tells me I need to be more thankful that my husband is so wonderful and has an opinion on the nursery, but I say in my hormonal-new-mom-to-be voice, "Fly away little birdie and let me finish this nursery," sans tree decal. Sooner rather than later I'll be too tired to mess with it, so daddy finch may win this battle. We'll see.

Anyone else have any nursery horror stories? I'm not a very pink or blue person so I thought decorating a gender-neutral nursery would be a piece of cake. Boy, or girl, was I wrong. At the end of the day at least I have my nesting buddy.

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