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Investigators look for person who set off explosive device near police station

The shooting was reported at 12:46 p.m. (Source: Raycom News Network) The shooting was reported at 12:46 p.m. (Source: Raycom News Network)

MADISON, IN (WAVE) - The search is on for the person responsible for setting off an explosive device near a southern Indiana police station. 

It happened early Sunday morning in the 300 block of Central Avenue in Madison. 

Police offices weren't exactly sure what kind of device it was, so they called in the Indiana State Police explosive team to take a look. At this time, they are asking everyone to remain vigilant as they work to make an arrest. 

Nick Strunk said he was in his living room when a loud bang startled him just after 1 a.m. Sunday. 

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"It sounded like a shotgun maybe being fired 20 feet away from you," said Strunk, who lives across the street from the Madison Police Department. "I ran outside (and) saw a big cloud of smoke underneath the cop car. I ran down the street and I didn't see anybody and so I called 911."

The smoke didn't last long and the police car was not damaged, but another car nearby might have been. Police Chief Dan Thurston said it was clear that someone deliberately placed an explosive device and detonated it near the entrance to the city hall parking lot. 

"We're still not if it was a target at city hall (or) a target at the police department," Thurston said. "We do have some residences right across the street. If there was a conflict between a resident and someone ... that part of the investigation is still on going."

Police picked up what evidence they could find.  

"Bits and pieces of it were collected and once we get a good report back from the state police, we will know much more information about the device itself," Thurston said. 

After he heard the explosion, Strunk said he looked everywhere, fearing the safety of his two young children. 

"I told the cops, 'I looked down the alley ways, looked down both streets, I didn't see anyone,'" he said. 

There are no surveillance cameras in the area where the device was placed, so right now what has many on edge is the unknown. 

"In our small town of 14,000 people, it's not something we hear a lot about or have much experience with, but it was very alarming for everyone who was working at the time," Thurston said.

Added Strunk: "Anybody could have gotten hurt. I hope they catch them."

Thurston said whoever did this could end up facing federal charges.

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