WAVE 3 News Editorial - March 8, 2016: Let the People Vote

WAVE 3 News Editorial - March 8, 2016: Let the People Vote

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Keeping pace with peer cities is instrumental for a region's growth. Louisville has some ground to make up and it has made improvement.

What can accelerate that growth, and help foster sustained growth in Lexington, Ashland, Owensboro and Bowling Green, is more of a voice for local governments to develop quality of life projects that help drive new people to town and keep people in town.

That is particularly needed now in light of the tightening state budgets.

That louder voice comes in the form of an amendment to the state constitution that would allow a temporary local option sales tax for specific projects. Voters would need to vote on the projects to enact the tax or they wouldn't move forward. Voters would first need to approve even the possibility by passing the amendment to the constitution during the November elections.

We encourage the House and Senate to approve that possibility this year. The House passed it previously but not the Senate. The first hurdle was passed this week when House Bill 2 was voted out of committee.
Why not let the people decide if this is something they want for their own local communities?

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