Copy-Gun that looks like a mobile phone worries cops, scares gun foes

(RNN) - A pistol that looks exactly like a smartphone is not on the market yet, but it's already stirring up controversy - and thousands of orders from people ready to buy.

The grip folds back into the gun to make it look just like a smartphone. But with one click of the safety, it opens up, ready to fire. The creator says it can be easily carried in a purse or clipped to a belt.

Kirk Kjelberg, CEO of the Minnesota-based startup Ideal Conceal said he got the idea for the weapon after he walked into a restaurant legally carrying a pistol and a kid noticed it.

The kid shouted to his mom that a man had a gun and everybody turned to look at him Kjelberg he told KARE TV in St. Paul, MN.

That's when he realized he'd like to be able to carry a gun that wouldn't draw that kind of attention.

The cell-phone design has already ignited controversy on the internet - recently published a denial of a widespread rumor that criminals devised the weapon to fool police.

Kjelbers is adamant that the weapon is intended for self-defense and designed to "blend in with today's environment" so that people won't have to engage with others who see they are carrying a firearm. The website encourages purchasers to check with state and local police about concealment laws.

He said the prototype of the two-shot, .38 caliber derringer-style handgun will be ready in June 2016 and will probably be manufactured in October, according to KARE. He said it will sell for $395.

He said the plastic gun will not be a security threat at airports because it contains enough metal to set off metal detectors. He added that he has been contacted by Homeland Security and is willing to work with law enforcement to help them identify the weapon in security screens.

He said he has received 4,000 emails from people ready to buy.

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