Judge hears motion to dismiss suit against Katina Powell

Judge hears motion to dismiss suit against Katina Powell

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A judge will decide if a lawsuit against Katina Powell, brought on by a University of Louisville student, will be dismissed.

Last year, Kyle Hornback, a UofL sophomore who has since been crowned Miss Kentucky, filed the suit saying Powell's book, "Breaking Cardinal Rules," damaged the worthiness of her degree.

Wednesday in court, Powell's attorneys made a motion to dismiss the lawsuit, calling it bogus.

Those behind the suit believe Powell's account about what happened is not true.

In "Breaking Cardinal Rules," Powell claims she arranged escorts to have sex for money with the athletes at parties at UofL's Billy Minardi Hall. She said she worked in tandem with former UofL player and staff member Andre McGee and pocketed at least $10,000 from 2010-14.

The lawsuit has grown to include women named and pictured in Powell's book who claim not to be escorts.

A barber at Cardinal Kutz has also joined, denying he introduced Powell to then-assistant Andre McGee, as she alleges in the book.

"Their damages are speculative, especially with the environment at the University of Louisville right now," said Bart McMahon, part of Powell's legal team. "Each week it seems that something embarrassing occurs at the university."

But the students insist the damages from the book are concrete.

"The students… have suffered a devaluation in their investment in the university," said George Shunnarah, the lawyer representing the students.

The publisher of "Breaking Cardinal Rules," the Indianapolis Business Journal, which is also named a defendant in the suit, argues this litigation has no standing in Kentucky courts.

The judge did not make a ruling in court Wednesday.

He is still deliberating.

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