Villanova fans flood the streets of Philly

Villanova fans flood the streets of Philly

Thousands of cheering fans are lining streets in downtown Philadelphia to celebrate Villanova's NCAA championship.

Friday's parade is taking the winners of the men's basketball tournament, the school band and cheerleaders along five downtown blocks before ending at City Hall for a rally.

Fans lined up 10-deep on some city sidewalks as buses carrying the team passed by. Blue and white confetti fluttered between office buildings as the players tossed T-shirts into the crowd.

The Wildcats got the win Monday against North Carolina thanks to a buzzer-beating 3-pointer.

Philadelphia sports fans have been yearning for a chance to celebrate. The city's four major pro teams have been mediocre to terrible of late. The Phillies were the last to win a title - in 2008.

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