Fans: 'Katt Williams basically spit in our face'

Fans: ‘Katt Williams basically spit in our face’
Andre Durham (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Andre Durham (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Sharon Malone (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Sharon Malone (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Summer Dickerson (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Summer Dickerson (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's been a huge controversy all weekend after comedian Katt Williams was a no-show at the KFC Yum! Center Saturday night. Now, news more infuriating to some fans is that Williams was spotted around Louisville on Sunday.

Monday, fans were lined up at the KFC Yum! Center box office for refunds. We asked those waiting for their money back if they would try to see Williams in the future. 

"No," former Williams fan Andre Durham said. 

Sharon Malone, another former fan answered the same question.

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"Absolutely not!" she said. "I will never support him in this city or any other city again ever!"

Fans wanted their refund after the comedian failed to appear and left them hanging for three plus hours Saturday night. Malone, a big Williams fan had followed the comedian for years.

"I've been to the last three shows," she said including stops in Louisville.

So where was Williams? On a site called Katt Williams Conspiracy Theory Tour, the comedian poses with fans Friday on tour in Kansas City, Missouri. On social media, conspiracy theories were flying about what happened to Williams between Missouri and Kentucky. A few people claimed photos showing them with Williams in downtown Louisville were taken Sunday.

Summer Dickerson said she knows exactly where the comedian was.

"One of my girlfriends called me," Dickerson said, "she said 'you'll never guess who I'm standing next to right now.'"

Yep, it was Williams and Dickerson has the photos to prove it. She and her kids posed with the comedian and his tour bus. She told us Williams bought them and others food and just hung out all day. Her children said they had a great time with Williams saying he also watched the movie Monsters High with them and let them come on his tour bus.

Williams told Dickerson, his tour bus had a flat on the way to Kentucky, but he came to Louisville anyway. She said the star made a sizable donation to her charity Women of the Well.

She said, "What people have to understand is a tour bus has the same kind of tire service as semi-trucks do."

Dickerson claims that means it takes much longer to fix than a regular flat tire. Williams told her it took several hours to get someone there and to change the tire. 

Fans aren't so forgiving. They said they are done. Those we talked to said if Williams really cared about the people who have made him a star over the years, he could have taken a cab to make the Louisville show.

"I'll never watch his movies again," Durham said if the fans. "No nothing, because I helped you, we as a group, we as a city, a state, a country, we helped you get to where you are and you basically spit in our face and I can't respect that."

Fans are also upset with the KFC Yum! Center. They said security guards were overheard saying Williams wasn't coming at least an hour before it was finally officially announced on stage. They say the venue could have handled it better.

Arena officials have only said the problem was "due to circumstances out of their control."  Monday, a spokesperson for the KFC Yum! Center did not answer our questions about when they knew Williams wasn't coming, saying only they have nothing more to add to their previous statement.

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