Vicki Lete: Moore principal to be removed at end of contract

Moore Principal to be removed at end of contract

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Decision makers at Moore Traditional School decided not to appeal Vicki Lete's removal as Principal of the school.

A report by the Kentucky Department of Education found Lete was unfit to lead the turnaround efforts at Moore Traditional School, which is a priority school with the Jefferson County Public School system.

At the previous School Based Decision Making (SBDM) meeting, Lete had recommended appealing the report because of data discrepancies about the school and the SBDM had agreed. But to appeal the data portion of the report, isn't possible. Jefferson County Public School officials said the report must be appealed in its entirety.

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A page from the report reads:

"Staff members and school leaders often described the collaboration process as inconsistent or sporadic. Of concern to many teachers was the belief that the principal 'tries to run the middle school like a high school.' Many interviewee's stated that the principal plays favorites and intimates those who she does not value."

It's a familiar statement for former River Valley Middle School teacher Sandy Gordon. Gordon worked with Lete while she was being investigated by Greater Clark County school officials for creating a hostile work environment. It's one Gordon said, she remembers well.

"It's time for them to put a stop to how many teachers shes hurt. And how many student's she's hurt," Gordon said.

Several parents of Moore students said they have had a difficult time working with Lete.

"Sometimes you feel like you're fighting a no win situation when you deal with her," Moore parent Jennifer Jones said.

Lete made a final plea for her job.

"It's my recommendation I stay as the high school principal and we hire a lead middle school principal to assist in the turnaround efforts," Lete said.

Moore teacher and counselor Nikki Eskridge put a motion on the table after Principal Lete suggested she stay at Moore Traditional School as the high school principal and find someone else to serve as principal as the middle school.
"I make a motion that the council accepts the KDE report as is and makes no appeals to the state on behalf of Ms. Lete," Eskridge said.
Seven SBDM members voted to accept the KDE report and four voted to appeal it.

One parent who voted to appeal the decision said he was not ready to see Lete go quite yet.

"I wasn't totally comfortable removing Ms. Lete out of there without having the chance to have a review," Raym Romero said. 
Lete did not have a comment for media.
Lete has been the subject of several lawsuits including one in Greater Clark County, where several teachers claimed she had created a hostile work environment at River Valley Middle School.
She was also named in another lawsuit where a student claimed Lete did not do enough to stop a student from being bullied.

Lete will serve as Principal at Moore until the end of her contract, June 30. A JCPS spokesperson said Lete can reapply for other positions within the district.

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