WAVE 3 News Editorial - April 21, 2016: Abandoned Homes

WAVE 3 News Editorial - April 21, 2016: Abandoned Homes

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Vacant and abandoned properties hurt neighborhoods, lower property values, and frustrate folks who want their streets safe.

Two of the homes on South 43rd in the Shawnee neighborhood have been vacant for four years. Some of the other 2,500 lots and 5,000 buildings vacant and abandoned in Louisville have been abandoned longer.

Neighbors here tell me raccoons tore a hole in the roof of this property and the raccoons create potential problems for children getting on school buses nearby.

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One group that is trying to help is REBOUND, and we applaud their efforts. They say they've acquired 27 properties that were abandoned for nearly five years, rehabbed them, and sold them. One of those homes was a block from here, 669 South 44th Street.

REBOUND was designated a Community Development Housing Organization seven years ago, following an earlier eight year run of building and selling 47 new homes in the historic Russell neighborhood.

REBOUND's efforts in developing single family housing in the Louisville area were boosted earlier this month when $350,000 of the budget surplus was designated by Metro Council and the Mayor to them.

We expect that investment will bring a strong return.

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