WAVE 3 News Editorial - April 28, 2016: Building the Kingdom

WAVE 3 News Editorial - April 28, 2016: Building the Kingdom

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Summer gets an early entrance Saturday with the opening of Kentucky Kingdom. Season three since the reopening will sport a fifth roller coaster, the new Storm Chaser. The owners continue to invest, now over $50 million in a true park makeover. Expect more seating space, food selections, shops, and security.

The park initiatives and community outreach is also part of that investment, encompassing an outdoor classroom Education in Motion, demonstrating real-world applications of classroom lessons, and comes with downloadable workbooks for students. School children loved the program when President and CEO Ed Hart and his group originally ran the park, so they brought it back two years ago when they reopened.

The park operates greenhouses year-round and showcases many gardens, and now guests can use their cell phones to obtain more information about the plants, trees, and grasses throughout the park with a new scannable labeling code system.

Kentucky Kingdom also trains some 200 lifeguards each season with their aquatics training department, conducts extensive certification training for ride operators, and employs more than a thousand season workers overall.

More than a half a million people enjoyed the rides and water park last year, making Kentucky Kingdom another of the many jewels in Louisville that brings joy to so many throughout the Commonwealth and the surrounding region.

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