Landlord-Tenant Law

Jefferson County Kentucky Law
Under law, landlords must:

Provide a safe, clean home. Homes should be in good repair with vital services such as water, heat and electricity available.

Obey the city housing code. All foundations, walls, ceilings and roofs must be reasonably weatherproofed, watertight and rodent free.

Under law, tenants must:

Pay rent on time.

Give a certified written letter to your landlord when you end the lease or make repairs.

Keep the home clean and safe.

Obey the rules written into the lease and new written rules that may be added later.

To find out more about what you can do when your rights as a tenant are violated, you can call the Louisville Tenants Union at 587-0287 or write to:
Louisville Tenants Association
425 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd. #210
Louisville, KY 40202
Other Numbers that may be useful:
Jefferson County Health Department 574-6520
Department of Housing Inspection 574-3301