Auto Repairs

There are no laws in Kentucky or Indiana that regulate automobile repairs. So, you need to protect yourself before you go to a mechanic. Here's how:
Check out the mechanic.
Check with the Better Business Bureau to find out what the company's reputation is and whether there are any complaints against it.
Describe the problem(s) in detail.
When you take your car in, describe what the problem is in detail. Tell the mechanic exactly what you see and hear.
Get an estimate in writing.
Make sure the mechanic understands you will not pay for any repair that will add to the estimate unless he calls you first and you approve it.
Keep replaced parts.
Ask to inspect or keep all replaced parts. Get a second opinion on any "worn out" parts that do not look like they needed to be replaced.
Keep copies.
Get all warranties in writing and keep copies of all work orders and receipts.