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St X is looking for their 2ND title in 3 years

Summer baseball sunset (Source: Bob Underwood) Summer baseball sunset (Source: Bob Underwood)

The Saint Xavier Baseball team is in the final four for the second time in the past three years. This senior class were only sophomores during their last title run back in 2014, but they remember it well.
"I didn't really do much but just to be apart of that and just being able to be around that and have the experience going into this year really helped," said Senior Adam Elliott.
The Tigers have been rolling in recent years winning five out of their last six regionals including the state title back in 2014, their first since 1981.
Head Coach Andy Porta said, "Even after that win on Saturday they kept saying two more games two more games so they have that ultimate goal but its very gratifying getting back to the state tournament again."
This Tigers team is littered with next level talent all over the field including two future Cardinals in the pitching rotation.
"I signed back in the fall and I just can't wait to get there and start working but I'm gonna try and win a state championship first," said Elliott.
Senior Daniel Fischer said, "I think baseball is a very tough sport to even get to the state tournament let alone to be in the final four and possibly be a team to win two in the last three years.

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