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New program to help transitioning soldiers find jobs

FORT KNOX, KY (WAVE) – Finding a new job may not be the easiest thing in the world, but Fort Knox is helping retiring soldiers shorten that journey toward employment.

When you think of soldiers, you think of discipline.

“We have one of the best-trained work forces in the United States in soldiers that are transitioning out of the army,” Stephen Aiton said. He is the garrison commander at Fort Knox.

In order to help those soldiers successfully transition into civilian life, Fort Knox has a program.

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“The career skills program is an opportunity to marry that very highly trained workforce with employers that need those skills,” Aiton said.

In partnership with R&R Trucking, the program helps soldiers obtain commercial drivers' licenses for no fee. They normally cost thousands of dollars.

“Getting a CDL is usually pretty cumbersome with all the background checks and restrictions, but what we are offering here at Fort Knox is the ability to train retiring military veterans in conjunction with Fort Knox so they have their CDL when they retire and it makes that process much easier going forward,” R&R Vice President of Operations Vonda Cooper said.

Soldiers also will be able to find employment as commercial drivers at R&R after they retire from Fort Knox.

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“It’s a valued commodity—the CDL license,” Battalion Commander Mario Washington said. “I guess there is a need for truck drivers in the civilian sector, so we’ve kind of seen that gap and we wanted to I guess capitalize on it and utilize our resources so the soldiers are being successful after they transition.”

With the new partnership, they hope to give the gift of job security after transition.

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