Quick tip could save your card from skimmers

Quick tip could save your card from skimmers
Amanda Jones (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Amanda Jones (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Marilyn Ford (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Marilyn Ford (Source: WAVE 3 News)

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) – An Elizabethtown woman used a tip she learned from an episode of Dateline and discovered a credit card skimmer at her bank.
Amanda Jones went to First Citizen's Bank on Dixie Highway in Elizabethtown on Saturday afternoon and pulled on the card reader. It was a tip she learned from a Dateline episode and one she sticks to religiously.

"I check every ATM, every gas station, anywhere there is going to be a cards reader, I check," Jones said.

And this time, it paid off.
"I pulled on the card reader, and it came off!," she said.
Jones said the skimmer looked almost identical to the ATM. She recognized immediately the device was a skimmer and called the police.

"I couldn't believe it happened in Elizabethtown," Jones said. "I called the police and the police officer said 'yes this is a skimmer.'"
Police also told Jones, the skimmer had a camera inside to record customer's pin number. Marilyn Ford is the President of First Citizens Bank and said she's grateful to Jones for finding the device.
"Card fraud has become a really big problem in the financial industry," Ford said, "but this was our first time actually having a device."
Ford said several customers had their card numbers compromised because of the skimmer and the bank is working closely with police to try and identify the suspect. Ford said she would encourage Jones' practice to any bank customer or anyone who plans on swiping a card at a pump at gas station or ATM. She said to also be aware of color changes on the card reader.
"If it's a ATM you're used to using, is that a different color than you're used to using?"
Ford also said cover the pin pad when you enter your pin number in case a camera has been attached to a skimming device.

"Cover with your hand or your body, always above, the cameras are always above, because they're always going to be focused on your key pad," Ford explained.
Ford said the bank employees check the ATM's regularly for a skimmer but since Jones discovered it on a weekend, it wouldn't have been checked that day. Ford said ultimately the financial institutions are responsible for the fraudulent charges.
Elizabethtown Police said they responded to Jones' call and did indeed find a skimmer at First Citizen's Bank. At this point, police are working with the bank to review surveillance footage and investigate.

Jones told her friends and fellow employees at the News Enterprise and was surprised at how many people didn't know about the trick to check for skimmers. She hopes her story encourages people to try it out and be on the lookout for possible skimmers.
"I'm just one person trying to do that right thing for everybody," Jones said, "I would just make sure you're pulling on the card reader and it can look like anything. Just pull on it, it doesn't take very long. Pull on the card reader and just make sure this doesn't happen to you."
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