It's a family affair at Camp of Champions

It's a family affair at Camp of Champions

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Hard to believe, but Russ Smith and Peyton Siva are years removed from their playing days at the University of Louisville, but they still draw a crowd to their annual basketball camp.

"I love it. I love coming back and just helping the kids. Watching them play and seeing them just enjoy basketball," said Siva.

"These kids, they just want to play ball, and the parents show the same enthusiasm, and they're just out here getting it. Getting after it," said Smith.

This Camp of Champions has grown to 220 participants, something event coordinator Tim Barnett feels is amazing considering how long ago Siva and Smith played at UofL.

"For year three, it's really good. Especially with the guys now being removed from the 2013 championship," said Barnett.

Year three for this camp is a little bit different for Russ Smith as both his dad, and his younger brother Reece are here. And come to find out, Reese is actually the comic relief of this family.

"I'm trying to get the Brooklyn out of him man. He's just a character man," laughed Russ Smith Sr.

Like his big brother, 12-year-old Reece is full of personality. I asked him what Russ was like at home. His response was typical of a younger sibling.

"Well, he likes to stay away from my sisters because they annoy him," said Reece.

His game, however, is different from  Russ'. He's not quite as flashy and is more of banger inside.

"He's going to be like a defensive young rebounder," said Smith Sr.

For Big Russ, being able to spend time with Little Russ, and Little Reese is more than he could wish for in the summer.

"I almost thought I was they're brother. I forgot I'm their pops. I'm like yo, these are my sons. We all got shorts on, tennis shoes, we cooling and talking about we're going to bust each other one-on-one," said Smith Sr.

Not a bad way to spend a summer in what's now considered a second home for both Russ Sr., and Jr.

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