Pass the Cash: Family friends reach out to mother recovering from open heart surgery

Tracy (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Tracy (Source: WAVE 3 News)

BULLITT COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - Each nomination we receive requesting help to Pass the Cash is another family in trouble another family in need. This week a Bullitt County family faces financial, physical and emotional trauma all wrapped in one. 

We start this Pass the Cash in Hillview. Samantha Seward and her son Christian called out to us on to help Tracy, a family friend.

"She had an aortic aneurysm and had to go to the Cleveland clinic to have that repaired with open heart surgery," Samantha said.

After returning home things took a turn for the worse. Tracy was flown back to the Cleveland clinic due to an infection in the repaired valve. Another trip, another stay in the hospital.

"She is now home. Some close friends of ours volunteered to buy her a ticket to get home," Samantha said.

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She's got two boys and a husband who is doing his best to keep it all together. He was off work for more than three weeks. She's off from work for possibly another month and a half.

Samantha said, "Lord knows what the medical expenses are from open heart surgery."

So the goal today, "Just making sure they have the utilities and food on the table," Samantha said. "The rest of it can wait."

We never really know what will happen when we Pass the Cash but in this case we knew what we didn't want to happen. We didn't want the surprise to be too much for Tracy after open heart surgery so we had to give a little bit of a warning.

"We've got somewhat of a surprise for you so if you could kind of prepare yourself for that," Samantha told her.

With a knock on the door, it was no surprise at all. Tracy knew as soon as she opened the door.

"Hello. Hi Ms. Gee...Oh my goodness," Tracy said.

"We are here to Pass the Cash," Christian said.

There were tears.

"Oh you're gonna make me cry," Tracy said. "Oh you're so sweet. I love you."

Add an IV pole in tow.

"Oh my goodness I can't believe this. I don't even know what to say," Tracy said.

But she does know what the family doesn't have enough of.

"Money cause I'm not getting any benefits while I'm off work," Tracy said. "Money is a huge battle right now and of course I have two children and a great husband, trying to get through it all."

One day at  time.

"Everyday is a little better and I'm getting stronger," Tracy said.

Tracy's husband is overwhelmed; the whole family is facing a lot right now.  He was hoping we would not show his yard because he's got more important things to deal with than his lawn. If any landscapers can step up and help manicure the family's lawn please send me an email at

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