Bond forged at camp pays off

Bond forged at camp pays off

JACKSONVILLE, KY (WAVE) - To the naked eye, it looks like any other summer camp with children singing, dancing and just being kids. However, the groups of smiling faces are dealing with more than any kid should have to deal with. They're fighting cancer, making Indian Summer Camp an escape from reality.

"It's actually important to me, because it makes me forget about my past, and coming to camp has always been a great experience for me," said camper Brenton Clem.

As with any camp, lifelong friendships and bonds are actually forged at the camp. Just like the one between former University of Louisville tight end turned coach, Pete Nochta and Patrick McSweeney. Every year the UofL football team makes an appearance at the camp. Which is how then tight end, Nochta met McSweeney.

"He was a guy that when I was a player we would go to his house and shoot hoops," said Nochta.

The two became instant friends. A friendship that became deeper when Nochta was diagnosed with cancer.

"He had the knowledge, so it was easy to pick his mind to just figure out, you know, what am I about to go through? What advice do you have for me?" Nochta said.

During Nochta's treatment, McSweeney gave Nochta a cross.

"So, holding this cross, just in spirit, it was encouraging. It gave me hope. It means a lot," said McSweeney.

And now that both are recovering, they're ready to pass it on and keep up its perfect record.

"That cross is 2-0, but the real cross is undefeated as well. So, hopefully we can pass it on to another one of these guys. Give them a little bit of hope," said Nochta.

"Looking for a 3-0," said McSweeney.

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