Dr. Steven M. Kelsey

Dr. Steven M. Kelsey, WAVE 3 News safety and security expert

WAVE 3 News Safety and Security Expert Dr. Steven M. Kelsey is a retired Louisville Metro Police officer. He serves as pastor of Spirit Filled New Life Ministries.

Kelsey is known for helping save the life of Erica Hughes in 2006. The then-2-year-old girl was shot multiple times in the head in an incident of violence that killed her mother. Kelsey rushed Erica to a hospital because of a delayed EMS response - a move made the difference between life and death for the girl.

Kelsey grew up in the projects.

"I was raised over here. I lived here: Park Hill, Southwick, Carter Homes," Kelsey recalled. "I am from the projects, but I don't have project mentality."

Kelsey said growing up, he and his neighborhood friends didn't realize they were underprivileged.

"Everyone played with everyone, and we had a sense of community."

Kelsey wants to better the community today, and help make the neighborhood more like it was when he was young. He is becoming a voice for the people. One way he will do that is by participating in WAVE 3 News' Taking Back Your Streets initiative. He said he believes the initiative is necessary to give people hope.

"With no hope there's a lot violence," Kelsey said. "We gotta get rid of some of the risk factors that are plaguing the West End." 
Kelsey fears if nothing changes and law enforcement officers and the African-American community don't find common ground, the instability in these communities will only get worse.

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