Charitable Giving

Make sure the money you give is spent on the people who need it most. Here are some tips how:
Ask for it in writing.
Give your donations to organizations that willingly share with you information about the services they provide, preferably in writing.
Ask for a recent audit report.
Ask the charity you are going to be donating to for a recent audit report that lists how much money is spent on its services and how much goes to pay for administration and fund raising. There is no real cut off point, but the accepted share of money spent for fund raising and administration shouldn't be more that 25%.
Ask for it in writing.
If the charity contacts you by phone, ask them to send written information, including figures on how the donations are spent.
Check them out.
Call the Better Business Bureau to get a report on the company. Call the Jefferson County Charitable Solicitation office to find out if the company is a legally registered charity in our area. Their number is 574-6607.