Mail Fraud

In the United States, it is illegal to:
Send "chain" letter that require the investment of any money.

Take money for merchandise and not deliver it.

If you receive an offer of lottery tickets through the mail or if you get a chain letter, report it immediately to your local postmaster. Save the letter and the envelope, so postal authorities can trace the sender. Do not send any money for any offer you believe sounds to good to be true.
Shopping by mail:
The seller must send your order when promised.
If there's no specific time promised, the seller must deliver the order with 30 days after getting your money.
If the seller can't deliver your order with 30 days, the company must send you notice telling you and giving you the right to cancel the order and get a refund.
If you have a problem:
Call the local consumer protection office and file a complaint.
Ask for help from the state consumer protection office near the company.
Call your local postmaster and the name & address of the postal "inspector in charge" to report the problem.
Write or call the magazine or newspaper that ran the ad for the merchandise you ordered. Sometimes they can help resolve the problem.