WAVE 3 News Editorial - August 11, 2016: More Self-Sufficiency

WAVE 3 News Editorial - August 11, 2016: More Self-Sufficiency

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It is often said some things never change.

Our longest tenured employee here at WAVE 3 News, a 43-year veteran, shared with me an editorial our station aired 36 years ago this week.

No doubt the sentiments ring true with some of us today:

"Anyone who thinks government is best that governs least couldn't get elected to anything today. Or so it seems. We've developed such a government-will-take-care-of-you attitude in this country it may be impossible to change it. But wouldn't it be refreshing to see a real move in the opposite direction. Our country wasn't founded on the premise that government should be the big brother and caretaker of every individual and every institution. But from many of the speeches you heard at the conventions you'd think that's the purpose of our federal bureaucracy. Maybe it's too much to hope for. But it would be nice to hear political addresses that called for more self-sufficiency and less overseeing from Washington."

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