Pass the Cash: Rebuilding a crumbling home

Pass the Cash: Rebuilding a crumbling home

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Your home is your castle.

A place to take refuge from all the crazy things that can happen in life.

But when your home is crumbling down around you then where is your refuge?

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This week's pass the cash starts with a nomination from Lanesville, Indiana on Cyndi Hall explains why her dear friend Marci needs not only cash but probably a little -- well, a lot of help.

"Her father passed away and she's the main care giver of herself and her mom," Hall said. "The house is falling apart. It's pretty old and she needs help. She can't do it herself."

"She's really a great person," Hall added. "She has a great personality. Take the shirt off her back and give it to anybody.>

Right now Marci's shirt is about all she has, along with 300 dollars from WAVE 3 News.

But as we made our way to find Marci, friends and coworkers of Cyndi found a way to pass a little more cash.

A total of $335 from WAVE 3 News and another $310 from Cyndi's friends and co-workers.

"I am speechless," Marci said. "Thank you so much."

"Our house is over 100 years old and the only work it has had done is the main sewer line," she said.

Built in the late 1850s, every day seems to bring a new problem and a new bill.

"Everything is leaking, breaking, shutting down and Mom's like she wants to stay there," Marci said. "It's her home. She's been there and her family is only the second family to own that house.

From the foundation to the frame, their home needs the kind of help Marci and her Mom just can't do.

"It really started going downhill when we lost my father about 3 years ago," Marci said. "I can't keep up with it. I can't fix it all."

"It's ours and it's all we got left."

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