'New Day' as old UofL board gets back to business

"New Day" as old UofL board gets back to business

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Thursday, a Franklin Circuit Judge denied a motion by the Justice Resource Center to stop the old University of Louisville Board of Trustees from meeting and making any important decisions alleging the board doesn't have enough minorities.

The legal wrangling over the new board appointed by Governor Matt Bevin and the former board he's trying to replace has been confusing for UofL students, their families and taxpayers. But, until the Kentucky Attorney General's lawsuit over Bevin's actions gets a final decision the old board is back in business.

They began moving on Thursday afternoon. Interim President Dr. Neville Pinto said the University had a seemless start to the school year with 21,500 new students and 151 new faculty members.

The old board got back to business in a new spot in the University Club and there was no mention of former President James Ramsey.

The board finally approved a budget of $548.3 million unanimously. The fiscal year had to move forward with a 5 percent tuition increase for the 2016-2017 school year, which was recommended under Ramsey's direction. But Board Chair Larry Benz called it a new day saying, "The University's train of escalating tuition since 2002 has been derailed."

Benz told reporters there will be no tuition increase next year and said students can also take advantage of the Credit for Credit program which allows them to earn back the 5 percent tuition increase by taking 30 hours in an academic year.

One thing Benz would not address is legal battle over which board is actually in charge.  Benz said he believes the actions taken by the Board of Trustees Thursday will stand and says the two boards have been communicating to make sure the university always comes first.

"The support is overwhelming," Benz said. "The majority of the Bevin appointed interim board as well as other stakeholders, enlist their insights, their support, their help it's just been tremendous." Benz added, "Quite honestly, it shows how much everybody cares and their heart is for this university, right now we have two deans that have accepted and taken a job at the university in social work and dentistry and our board cannot approve of them and it just goes to show you underneath how attractive this (University of Louisville) is in a national way."

Thursday Governor Bevin addressed the meeting saying, "Any of those board members who insist on meeting are doing it because they're self-serving, they want to preen, they want to have their moment in the sun and they're milking their 15 minutes."

Benz refused to address the Governor's comments or anything that was not university business. The old board of trustees is set to meet again in September as is the University of Louisville Foundation.

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