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Linkin' Bridge preparing for AGT semifinals in Los Angeles

Linkin' Bridge (Source: NBC) Linkin' Bridge (Source: NBC)

HOLLYWOOD, CA (WAVE) - It’s been a busy and exciting couple of weeks for WAVE Country’s own Linkin’ Bridge, the group getting rave reviews on NBC’s America’s Got Talent for their acapella renditions of surprising tunes.
The four men, who all grew up in the West End of Louisville, are preparing for their performance in the semifinals of America’s Got Talent on Tuesday night. If they make it through, they will be in the finals on Sept. 18 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California.
WAVE 3 News Anchor Shannon Cogan was in California and met with the guys who have been practicing six hours a day since their performance of “Always On My Mind.”
They can’t say what song they will be singing, but Ekoe Alexanda promised it will be “something unexpected.” He also said there are some “little butterflies, but that comes with the territory. But we are ready. Time to do what we need to do."

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During our interview, a tour group at the Dolby Theatre stopped to take pictures of the new celebrities. 

During the last two weeks in Hollywood, when they’re not practicing they’ve been spending some time exploring the area. 

Shon “China” Lacy said he went to the wax museum for the first time and has walked up and down both sides of the strip to see all the stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

When asked about the differences between Kentucky and California, they all agreed it’s the traffic.
“It’s like how we have the Kentucky Derby and what traffic is like there. It's like that but almost every day here,” Montre Davis said.

For Big Rome Kimbrough, who is married with three kids, it’s been hard being away from his family. But he said he appreciates how supportive his wife has been.
She’s going to be in the audience when Linkin’ Bridge performs before the judges in the semifinals. They’ve gotten to know the judges a bit off camera. They said Heidi Klum and Mel B are beautiful, Howie Mandel is funny and Simon Cowell, is, well, Simon.

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The group has been getting some star treatment. They’re put up in a nice hotel. Measured for their costumes.

"It's like shocking to be at this point in your life. To have people stand, do tape measures and stuff you only see that on TV,” Lacy said.

The group did find a bar last week where they could grab some dinner while watching the University of Louisville game.  

"We miss Louisville, but we love it here. We want to stay here as long as we can,” Montre Davis said with a smile.
They guys also thanked everyone in Louisville for all their support and encouraged people to head out to the watch party on Tuesday where some of their friends and family members will be watching. They also left us with this: “VOTE.”

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