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7-week-old's body goes temporarily missing while family in mourning


A family mourning the death of a 7-week-old was put through another nightmare when the child's body went temporarily missing.

Eric Artis was born premature at Aultman Hospital in Canton. Saleena Davenport says her grandson was a fighter.

"He was only 2 pounds when he was born but he was a strong little guy," she said.

The boy's mother, Shantell Davenport, said she was having a difficult pregnancy and wasn't sure she would make it to four months. She gave birth at six months, and doctors expected complications such as a hole in his heart and undeveloped lungs.

The boy seemed to be growing stronger at 7 weeks old, but his health took a turn for the worst one night and he never recovered. Eric died Sept. 14 at Aultman.

His family prepared to bury him this past Friday, but the funeral home called and asked where the baby was. The family thought the body was with the funeral home.

Eric was scheduled to be taken from Aultman to Akron Children's Hospital for an autopsy. The hospitals are less than 30 miles apart.

Neither could account for where he was.

When the family went to Aultman for an explanation, they said the staff called security instead of giving answers. The family says the staff didn't know who signed him out and didn't even know he was gone.

The body was eventually found at Akron Children's Hospital, but the family says the staff there never explained how the boy was found.

Hospital representatives later said that sometimes, there is a chance for confusion surrounding a baby's name as it appears in the medical record -- particularly with newborns -- when the mother and father do not share the same last name.

Aultman hasn't commented on the matter.

The family buried the boy on Monday and are still waiting on an autopsy to learn how he died.

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