WAVE 3 News Editorial - September 22, 2016: Being Transparent

WAVE 3 News Editorial - September 22, 2016: Being Transparent

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Reaction to the Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie breakup is quite interesting. Audiences apparently want celebrities to be transparent and have been questioning their authenticity.

We question an intensifying pushback to transparency from several institutions and others. We have candidates for major offices who won't release tax returns or medical records. We've seen multiple challenges to institutions who are not responsive to open meetings and open records requests.

The University of Kentucky is suing the school's independent student newspaper in response to the Kentucky Attorney General's ruling to release documents it withheld from the school newspaper.

The University of Louisville Foundation's stewardship of funds has been questioned for some time now and a few major donors say they won't give to it anymore until they see a completed special audit so they can better track how their donations are being spent. The Foundation also faces a lawsuit claiming failure to comply with Kentucky Open Records Law.

Secrecy often shields accountability. In our democratic society, the less of it the better.

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