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Luke Bryan comes to E-town

The stage for Luke Bryan's concert in E-town. (Source: Air 3/WAVE 3 News) The stage for Luke Bryan's concert in E-town. (Source: Air 3/WAVE 3 News)

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Packed. That was the word to describe a farm in Elizabethtown on Friday.

"You think they'd be giving something away for free wouldn't ya?" Bob Mackey said while looking out at a huge crowd. "Look at the people over there on that hill. You see that? Over there?"

The mass of people is what it looks like when one of the biggest country music stars, Luke Bryan, sets up shop in your backyard.

"I don't have to pay no 50 bucks," Mackey laughed.

Mackey has lived right next to Highland Sod Farms in Elizabethtown for more than 20 years. He said they hold other events throughout the year, but this one takes the cake. 

Luke Bryan didn't call it a Farm Tour for nothing.

"Perfect, perfect setting," Jennifer Hartley said. "Beautiful place here in E-town."

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"It's like your home, down to earth concert," Shelby Brown said.

Tailgating began at 2 p.m., some entrances were more jammed than others while Elizabethtown Police directed traffic.

But the concert almost didn't happen. Bryan tweeted a picture of his broken clavicle, saying Thursday the show was going on - with his arm in a sling.

Good news to the fans who wanted to see him, except…"We're looking forward to him shaking it," Brown said.

"Cuz he has a good one - why not shake it?" Hartley laughed.

As for Mackey, he's just happy to see so many people having a good time.

"I do like to see people have a good time, I really do," he said.

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