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'The Voice' contestant says being stolen by Adam was meant to be

Dave Moisan (Source: WAVE 3 News) Dave Moisan (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Since his debut on the premiere of NBC's hit show “The Voice” Dave Moisan's album has climbed to number 31 on the iTunes pop chart.

Moisan was eliminated by Alicia Keys during Tuesday night’s Battle Round.

“In those few seconds where it's uncertain what's going to happen, it's terrifying,” Moisan said of the Battle Rounds.

Moisan sang a jazzier version of the hit song “Valerie” along with former teammate Michael Sanchez. He said the song was a bit outside his comfort zone. 

“And that's part of the beauty of this show that you know you are put into situations where you're forced to either grow of crumble and I think through this whole experience I've grown from it,” he said.

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Moisan was stolen by Adam Levine and joined Team Adam. It’s a move Moisan thinks was meant to be.

“It's cool because it's like full circle,” Moisan said.

It really is. Taking a look back at the show's premiere Levine wanted Moisan all along.

“I heard a lot of me in there. I just felt instantly connected and I want you and I need you,” Levine told him.

Dave actually snuck backstage to a Maroon 5 concert nearly 14 years ago and credits Levine with inspiring him to get into music. 

“To be able to work with somebody that was such a that was such a huge influence on my musical formation is such treat it's such a joy that not many people get to do,” Moisan said.

“I remember you so specifically as someone who I was like dying over missing. I'm so happy let's never let that happen again and push you all the way to the end,” Levine told him.

With a determined coach on his side, Moisan is ready for the road ahead.

“His mindset is very similar to mine. And a lot of the things he's pushing me towards are things are things that I was thinking of already,” he said.

Moisan will compete in the Knock Out round of The Voice which begins airing on Oct. 24.

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