Pass the Cash: Daughter quits work to care for mother battling brain cancer

Pass the Cash: Daughter quits work to care for mother battling brain cancer

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The nomination form arrived from the United States Postal Service right to the doors of WAVE 3 News. The letter was typed and filled with information about a Beechmont family in need.

"Charlotte was my best friend. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor right before school was to start this year," Caroline SanSota said.

Charlotte was a school teacher. When Caroline mentioned the excitement of the new school year, "She said no I'm not going to be teaching this year," Caroline said.

Charlotte did not and could not speak very long.

"She was going to have me talk to her daughter. Her daughter had already quit working to be at home with her mom," Caroline said.

Charlotte is battling stage four brain cancer. It all seemed to be happening so fast.

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"Her daughter has not been to work since then," Caroline said. "She won't leave her mother."

Since Charlotte's daughter Celina left her job her husband's job has been their only source of income. To help the family with bills we had $300 from WAVE 3 News and $100 from a friend of WAVE 3 News. With another check for $100 we had a total of $500 for Celina who was not far and knew exactly why we were there when she saw us at the door.

"Oh my gosh Carol. Hi," Celina said.

"I'm gonna Pass the Cash to you," Caroline said.

She passed the $500 which brought on more tears than we can count.

"My husband and I are trying to cover the bills with just his income and it's not cutting it right now," Celina said.

Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. As Charlotte battles cancer Celina battles to keep her mom as happy and comfortable as she can. 

"She's been so strong. I have not seen her cry one time. I'm doing all the crying and I try not to do it in front of her," Celina said.
She may have an awful lot on her plate right now but she has even more in her heart.

"If ever I'm in a position to give back I'd love to," Celina said.

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