WAVE 3 News Editorial - November 1, 2016: Broadway Development

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Maybe it will turn out to be blessing in disguise - the Walmart that won't be built now in the West End of Louisville that would have employed perhaps 300 people and brought retail services to an area needing it.

Instead of placing blame on why the project stalled for three years after Walmart blessed it, focus energy into how to finally get the former home of the Phillip Morris cigarette factory productive again.

Learn some lessons on what to do - and not do - next time a retailer shows interest.

Channel the outrage and frustration into urgent action to come up with an even better alternative for the 15-acre vacant lot on 18th and Broadway.

Perhaps this may have been one of the many stores Walmart eventually closed anyway due to a business model adjustment. It definitely would have been better to have not delayed the project due to a lawsuit over the design that didn't get dismissed until the day Walmart dropped the project.

Maybe there was and a lack of urgency to close the deal, but it is not viable any longer and it is time to move on to a better plan.

We applaud the owners of the property who are trying to make something happen.

Opportunities clearly have been few and far between, but this is an area of town that once thrived and certainly could thrive again.

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