WAVE 3 News Editorial - November 15, 2016: Changing Times

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Americans and Kentuckians want change from the status quo. And change will come, nationally and locally.

We can facilitate it ourselves in our daily interactions. Listen more. Vent less. See the good. Don't focus endlessly on the bad.

We can build hope. Building new structures suggest physical growth but attracting talent to our region comes first from being a welcoming community and being one, not divided.

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The quality of the discourse must be more civil, particularly on social media.

Louisville certainly will stand out even more in the Kentucky legislature with the flip to Republican majority for the first time in 95 years. To not be a political island, the Louisville delegation must work very closely with the majority to ensure the concerns of the region are considered.

Hostility won't make us whole. Showing respect and being decent will go a long way to jump starting the change we are looking to achieve.

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