Pass the Cash: Mother loses 1 son, another fighting for his life

Pass the Cash: Mother loses 1 son, another fighting for his life

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It was a nomination form from that took us to the center of downtown Louisville.

Lisa Brown wrote a letter about her friend and co-worker, Sherry. Sherry has endured pain and heartache this year that would be hard to handle even over 20 years.

"Sherry's had a really rough year. Her husband's disabled so he's not able to work. Sherry is working two jobs to cover the bills," Lisa said.

The bills are expected in life, but it's the unexpected that takes a toll.

"Mid October her sister-in-law died from a long battle with cancer. The very next day her youngest son was found dead," Lisa said.

Sherry lost Charlie, a firefighter, Marine and her youngest son.

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"She's grieving," Lisa said. "Has a lot of bills from the funeral of course."

All that alone is more pain than you want in a lifetime, but heartache was not yet through with Sherry.

"Not even 2 weeks later, her only son that was left was on the Snyder his car broke down. He got out to wait for a friend he had called to come get him. He was hit by another driver and the driver left the scene," Lisa said.

One son gone and one fighting for his life. 

"Days are rough. She's having a hard day today," Lisa said.

While we cannot stop the pain, we can Pass the Cash to relieve the pressure of other burdens in her life. WAVE 3 News started with $300, then folks from in Indiana gave us $69, somebody walked into WAVE 3 News and gave another $100 and we received a donation from Bowman Heating and Cooling. We had no idea how much we had but we knew how much we hoped and prayed it would help.

Sherry needed the cash but it was the care and concern that was keeping her up and moving each day.

With guardian angels and angels on earth all around her Sherry just takes it one minute, one hour, one day, one dollar, one dime at a time.

"They let me cry. They hug me every day and Charlie is watching out for me from Heaven. I know he is," Sherry said after Lisa passed her the cash.

There were lots of tears, cheers and dollar bills but most of all the room was filled with love.
"I have all my family and love. I am OK," Sherry said. "Thank you."

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