Greater Clark County School District votes to enclose open concept schools

Greater Clark County School District votes to enclose open concept schools
Many in the community and even on the Greater Clark County School Board are split on whether to build a new school.

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Three open concept Greater Clark County schools will be enclosed.

At a meeting on Monday, the board of trustees voted to enclose Charlestown Middle School, Northaven Elementary School, and River Valley Middle School, the district's only open concept schools.

Officials say safety and learning issues were the main reasons behind the unanimous vote. Walls that don't reach from the floor to the ceiling and a lack of doors into classrooms, were a few security issues addressed at the meeting.

"Now is the time to act," said Greater Clark Education Association president John McLaughlin to the News and Tribune. "It's time to move on from the referendum, time to move on from the DLGF opinion. In the current statutory environment, which severely limits the options to school boards for building construction and referendum, I believe there's no other option for you to address these safety and learning issues than to adopt the bonds that are proposed here tonight."

$9 million will be spent upgrading River Valley, $7 million at Charlestown Middle, and $6 million at Northaven.

"I think the time is now, I think it's past time," said Andrew Melin, superintendent. "When you think about all the unfortunate issues that we've had related to school safety in the past several years, there's no better day than today to do everything in our power to make sure our buildings are safe."

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