WAVE 3 News Editorial - November 22, 2016: Giving Thanks

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Saying thank you always brings smiles. Take some extra time this week to thank someone.

Maybe a neighbor, teacher, or nurse deserves a special thanks.

Or a policeman, firefighter, or community volunteer.

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How about the Yum! Brands Foundation, who over the past 15 years have donated more than 52 million meals in our hometown.

Or Churchill Downs, for continuing to reinvest in upgrades to make the customer experience better and making one of the crown jewels of our community shine even brighter.

Or the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund for supporting arts excellence, education, and access by providing nearly $200,000 in new grants to local arts organizations.

We thank you for the honor you give us by supporting our efforts in serving our community.  You've been amazingly generous this year in helping support needy causes.

Purposely counting our blessings each day is something that will make the Thanksgiving holiday last longer.

We will all be better for it!         
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