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WAVE 3 News Editorial - November 29, 2016: Stop the Violence!

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Thanksgiving's murders in Louisville continued a pattern this year - each week at least two people on average have been killed in the Commonwealth’s largest city. It is the bloodiest year on record.

Some of the homicides have been gang-related, others domestic killings, a majority were drug-related.

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Nearly nine of every 10 of the killings came by gunfire and two-thirds of those killed hadn’t yet reach the age of 35. Last month alone, nearly 60 people were shot in Louisville!

Taking Back Your Streets is clearly harder than it has ever been.  
While some people used to solve conflicts with their fists, and others through dialogue, the standard now is no tolerance – pull a gun.

Muhammad Ali would be disheartened by what is happening in his hometown.  We all are, as it does not reflect who we are or how we want to be known.    

Respect for others must grow. Families are certainly trying to stop the insanity and guide each other to do the right thing. We clearly need to try much harder.

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