WAVE 3 News Editorial – December 15, 2016: Openness

WAVE 3 News Editorial – December 15, 2016: Openness

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Transparency must be the rule and not the exception at the University of Louisville.

A state audit revealed many troubling assertions about the University of Louisville Foundation and many are being disputed by the former UofL president.

There appears to be no dispute about the criticism by the State Auditor regarding the foundation's lack of openness. The auditor spelled it out on the cover letter of the audit: "delays and inconsistencies in information provided, which, along with numerous open records violations, validated concerns of poor transparency."

Public trust needs to be restored and the fastest way to do it would be complete openness.

We encourage the current Chairs of both the University of Louisville Board of Trustees and Foundation to work swiftly to implement the recommendations provided by the State Auditor.

Two other issues this week alone highlight further transparency concerns. Why didn't a key member of the Cardinals football coaching staff speak up about receiving information regarding an opponent's game plan prior to a game, or afterwards, when that school specifically raised questions, or did he? Why hasn't the University issued any statement regarding a shooting near the school's campus early Sunday morning? Two of the three people shot were reportedly Cardinals football players.

The athletic department has a history of being forthright and transparent and we encourage it now, especially with issues concerning safety of student-athletes, and ethics surrounding coaches.

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