WAVE 3 News Editorial - December 22, 2016: New Year's Resolutions

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - New Year's resolution time makes all of us think of ways we can be better and our community as well.

We certainly can all work toward being more civil, tolerant, patient, and kind.

It would be great for our region to have cleaner air in the year ahead, less shootings and homicides, and more jobs and people qualified to fill them.

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Might be too much to ask, but a scandal free year would be good, and less traffic delays.

More children ready for kindergarten must be a resolution achieved, along with more high school and college graduates.

Being healthy tops many wish lists. Many will resolve to lose weight, exercise more, and drink less.

The key is sustaining what we resolve to do throughout the year.

Our team at WAVE 3 News resolves to serve, inform, and inspire and help build a better community.

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