WAVE 3 News Editorial - January 3, 2017: Focus on Substantive Issues

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Kentucky's legislative session is underway, with Republicans in full control for the first time in nearly a century. But even though their agenda has been decades in the making, this year's session is short – so Republicans have to choose their priorities carefully.

So far, Governor Bevin and legislative leaders have indicated they'll focus on tax and pension reform, right to work, and charter schools. Wherever you stand on these issues, we applaud the Governor for spending time on real issues that will have real impact on real Kentuckians – instead of making symbolic stands on hot-button social issues.

By contrast, North Carolina's legislature passed a so-called "bathroom bill" that's pushed hundreds of millions of dollars out of the state's economy, and Texas seems poised to follow suit, at a potential cost of well over a billion dollars in lost business.

Let's have a vigorous public debate about how to move our economic security, our job market, and our schools forward – instead of wasting time with contentious battles over social issues that can only move our state backwards.

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