WAVE 3 News Editorial - January 10, 2017: Best Place to Work

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Louisville's attractiveness spawns many areas and now includes being one of the best places to work - according to ZipRecruiter, an online jobs platform.

Louisville shares that distinction with regional cities Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis, as well as Boston, Providence, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland.

The industries where most of the hiring is taking place include health care, auto, and retail services.

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ZipRecruiter's put the ratio of job seeker versus jobs in Louisville at 1.09 to 1 - pretty good odds. Nearly a third of the 30,000 available jobs in the area are professional positions. Louisville's unemployment rate is down a point from a year ago and should continue to drop.

The key is finding enough qualified people to fill the openings. And the key to that is encouraging hometown folks to stay here or move back here and keeping the city attractive to newcomers.

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