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JCPS officials advise against metal detectors

A metal detector at an entrance to Cincinnati's Taft High School. (Source: Jeff Knight, WAVE 3 News) A metal detector at an entrance to Cincinnati's Taft High School. (Source: Jeff Knight, WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - At a work session on Tuesday night, Jefferson County Public Schools Chief Operations Officer Michael Raisor advised against purchasing metal detectors for the Jefferson County Public district.

While Raisor said metal detectors aren't necessary at the time, the Board of Education requested he bring back his research and the possible cost of the metal detectors at a single school.

Instead, Raisor suggested several alternative methods for security that would better suit the districts’ needs, including card access systems for buildings, hand held metal detectors for use with random searches and additional training for staff for the ALICE program, a response plan in case of an active shooter.

Raisor said it could be possible the metal detectors could cause more problems causing a large gathering of students waiting to go through the detector.

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"If someone really has it in their mind to do harm to children, 2,000 standing outside of a school are a lot easier target," Raisor said. 

Raisor also said the stigma of metal detectors do not send a positive message to students and staff and could ultimately cause students to feel unsafe, like there is already a problem that exists in the halls of their schools.

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Board members didn't disagree with Raisor and expressed their concerns for profiling during random searches, asked for increased security on school buses.

Board member Linda Duncan asked what methods school leaders are using to create relationships with students, so students give information to staff if they see something suspicious.

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