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ROSALYN LOVES: 7-year-old traveling country hugging law enforcement officers

Source: Sheriff Victor Mason Source: Sheriff Victor Mason

Sheriff Victor Mason and the Hinds County Sheriff's Office had a special visitor over the weekend. 

Rosalyn Loves is a 7-year-old girl, traveling around the country, letting law enforcement officers know they are loved and appreciated, one hug at a time.

Sheriff Mason posted a video of Rosalyn's visit on his Facebook page. 

Mason said Rosalyn is traveling from state to state hugging police and sheriffs to show support during a critical time when people are loosing trust in law enforcement. 

According to her website, "Rosalyn’s mission is to journey throughout the country as a beacon of light, love and joy, uniting communities by demonstrating her sincere love and appreciation for those who have committed their lives to serving and protecting the people of our nation." 

You can keep up with Rosalyn's journey on Facebook

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