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Report: You could get $500 or more for unwanted robocalls

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - All those unwanted telemarketing calls could finally be paying off for you.

According to a report from NBC News, you could be eligible to be part of a multi-million-dollar settlement for illegal robocalls made five or six years ago, offering a "free cruise" in return for taking a short survey.

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According to the report, Florida-based Caribbean Cruise Line and two co-defendants, Vacation Ownership Marketing Tours and The Berkeley Group, have agreed to pay between $56 million and $76 million to settle the class-action lawsuit. It claims the companies violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act when they made millions of unwanted and illegal robocalls between August 2011 and August 2012.

But time is running out to file a claim to be included in the settlement. The deadline is Feb. 1. You can file a claim online at

That website allows you to search your phone number to see if it appears in defendants' records. If your landline or cell number appears in the defendants' records, it's presumed you received three calls and you will receive $500 per call, for a total of $1500, unless challenged by the settlement administrator. 

If you received more than three calls and can prove it, you can file a claim for each one. Some people have already filed claims for more than 10 calls.

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Even if you haven't been contacted by the settlement administrator or your phone number does not appear in defendants' records, you may still be eligible for the settlement if you can provide phone records that show the automated survey calls or you can document the robocall number using caller ID, a recording of the call or a screen shot of the call log on your cell phone.

And remember: You didn't have to take the survey or sign up for the cruise to be part of the settlement, which NBC News Reports is the largest in Telephone Consumer Protection Act history.

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