Pass the Cash: Neighbors reach out after woman loses her husband

HARDIN COUNTY, KY (WAVE) - Life can change in the blink of an eye and before you even have time to open your eyes you can find your world upside down. 

We made our way to Hardin County to Pass the Cash to a woman who lost the most precious thing in her life and is now close to losing everything else.

Passing the Cash was a family affair for Joe, his mom, dad and niece and nephew.

"They're real close dear friends of ours," Joe said.

They are passing the cash to their dear friend and neighbor, Claudette, who has lived next door with her husband Dan for the last 20 years. But this past year, "My neighbor she lost her husband," Joe said.

Her husband, Dan, died of a heart attack.

"Ever since he passed she's been having the burden of financial problems," Joe said.

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With Dan gone, Claudette may also lose the home they shared for 20 years.

"We try to keep in contact with her, make sure she's alright. See what she needs," Joe said.

Joe's family knows right now Claudette needs lots of prayers and some help on the bills. WAVE 3 News will start with $300, we also had an extra Kroger card worth $50.

Claudette has worked at the same business for over 30 years and the fact the family is stopping in is not a big surprise until she saw us.

She knew exactly who I was but had not quite put together why we were all there.

Before we even get to Pass the Cash, the tears were flowing and Claudette was passing out hugs to everybody.

"We know you're having to struggle with the loss of Dan. I contacted Dawne for Pass the Cash and she allowed us to Pass the Cash to you," he told her.

We did not pass a whole lot of money, but there was certainly a whole lot of love - exactly what she needed.

"We had just celebrated our anniversary in August. He died in October," Claudette said.

Paying the house note is a big problem but even more overwhelming, "Not having your best friend around probably the hardest and I have a 3-year-old grandson and he misses his Paw Paw so much," Claudette said.

She has already lost her best friend and now she could lose the place they call home.

"God's took care of me every step of the way so far. I'll stay there until he decides to move me somewhere else," Claudette said.

All bittersweet - to lose so much, but see you are loved so much.

"Thank you so much. Thank you so much," Claudette said.

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