Pitino To Players: ‘If I catch anybody in a lie, you’re done’

Pitino To Players: ‘If I catch anybody in a lie, you’re done’

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - UofL basketball coach Rick Pitino spoke at his first weekly news conference since the school released its response to the NCAA's Notice of Allegations.

The university responded last week, shared that response Wednesday, and at Friday's weekly news conference, Pitino was asked about the 200-page response as the NCAA's investigation into a campus sex scandal drags on.

"I have no reaction to any of it," Pitino said. "I told 100 percent the truth to the NCAA."

Self-proclaimed escort queen Katina Powell claimed in her bombshell 2015 memoir that she worked with former UofL player and staff member Andre McGee to provide escorts and strippers for sex parties attended by UofL basketball players and recruits.

Pitino was asked specifically about a portion of the report that indicated a UofL basketball player "received a sexual act during his official (recruiting) visit," according to the report.

That player "initially denied any involvement" because he was "trying to protect Andre."

Another excerpt from the UofL response indicated that a player, in an initial interview, denied "seeing any strippers/dancers in the dorm." That player was interviewed later by NCAA staff, at which time he "acknowledged seeing women in the dorm that were performing stripper-type activities."

Pitino on Friday spoke emphatically about how he counsels his young athletes.

"I tell my players there's a reason he told the truth," he said. "I tell my players, 'If I catch anybody in a lie, you're done at the University of Louisville.' You tell the truth, we'll get through it."

When asked a follow up question about that, Pitino repeated that he's "gonna address that in May."

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