Adult swaddling aimed to help new moms recover from child birth

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Recovering from labor can be a grueling and painful journey. An age old technique used on babies is now helping moms bounce back.

Adult wrapping is a new type of therapy taking off in Japan. It's meant to help new moms alleviate posture and stiffness after giving birth. The concept was born from a group of midwives and is becoming incredibly popular.

Several women tried it out, all taking turns, tying each other in a large cloth from head to toe, and sitting with their legs crossed.

First, they were instructed to sway side to side, then gently lay on their backs, hoping to loosen muscle and bones. Many women said it felt like a warm embrace and even opted for colored cloths which are meant to mimic different environments.

Health experts in the United States aren't convinced adult wrapping has long-term medical benefits. Physical therapists and women's health organizations in Louisville try and achieve the same goal with specific exercise plans involving the core and breathing exercises.
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