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Lamar Jackson's Heisman Trophy Helps UofL's Recruiting

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE)  According to various recruiting sites, U of L has signed its best recruiting class in program history.  Thanks in some part to their Heisman trophy winning quarterback, Lamar Jackson.  "Yeah, we felt like we had if you want to call it a Heisman bump, or how we played on tv early in the season.  Midway through the season.  We certainly were having guys that answered the phone that we talked to, or calling us," said U of L head coach, Bobby Petrino in Wednesday's press conference.  The websites that cover recruiting agree with Petrino.  "I think more than anything you see Lamar Jackson's Heisman affect.  The Gameday thing.  I think you're seeing that already.  Eleven different states from these guys, and the best recruiting class in school history as far as rankings," said's Jody Demling.

The name most U of L fans will recognize is Russ Yeast.  Son of former UK great wide receiver, Craig Yeast.  Russ kept his commitment despite a hard push from the likes of UK, Notre Dame, and Oklahoma. 

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