Pass the Cash: Fire leaves woman homeless

Stephanie (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Stephanie (Source: WAVE 3 News)

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - WAVE 3 News shares the news 24 hours a day, but we know those stories we share are someone's life. At the end of the story we may not hear about them again, but their life and situation goes on. That's why every Wednesday we come together to Pass the Cash and make a difference for someone who's facing hard times and more than likely some bad news.

This week we ventured to Exit 0 off Interstate 65 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. We had our sign and high hopes in hand. Within minutes we met Stephanie Furnish.

"I actually have a girlfriend, Dawn. She was doing real well. She had a house fire," Stephanie said.

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The house fire left Dawn with nothing. No clothes, no furniture - nothing but her life.

"She's actually having a really rough time and staying with family members on and off and the rest of the time she's staying in her van," Stephanie said.

Stephanie did not expect to see us when she pulled off the expressway with her friend but she did take that exit for a reason.

"You would not believe this, but I just showed her were Exit 0 was because I also work with the homeless," Stephanie said.

In Jeffersonville Jesus Cares at Exit 0 is an outreach program to help the homeless. Stephanie wanted Dawn to know where she could get help but today they found us.

"She's in my truck," Stephanie said.

Stephanie told her friend Dawn she was stopping there to give her other friend Dawne - me - a hug because she knew I had been sick. 

With a slight move out of sight Stephanie continued to talk because she also knew I just might have cash to pass and her friend Dawn who was waiting in the truck.

"She has nothing left," Stephanie said.

Maybe we could take Dawn's story from breaking news to a little good news. Stephanie headed over to Dawn in her truck.

"Dawne has given me $300 to Pass the Cash. I told her your story situation with the fire," Stephanie said.

The money can't buy a new home, but if you are sleeping in your van it can sure help keep you warm through the night.

"Totally sucks. It sucks. I don't like asking anybody for nothing but I'm not gonna be too worried about it 'cause I know sooner or later I'll be built back up," Dawn said. "I lost everything."

She lost everything but hope.

"There's a reason and season for everything. I just gotta wait for my good season to come," Dawn said.

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