New e-cigarette trend dangerous for teens

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - High schoolers are getting their hands on e-cigarettes at an alarming rate, up 900 percent since 2011, according to a new study from the University at Albany's School of Public Health.

But now there's a new danger impacting teens called dripping. The alternative technique is relatively new and worrisome to doctors.
Here's how it works:

  • E-cigarettes heat liquid and turn it into vapor.
  • Users then inhale it and exhale the vapor.
  • Dripping produces thicker clouds of vapor, which gives users a more intense sensation in their throat and produces a stronger flavor.
  • This creates higher heating coil temperatures than conventional use of e-cigarettes, and those higher temperatures emit higher levels of harmful chemicals.

The study says some users prefer this because it allows them to change from one liquid flavor to another without wasting any liquid.

Since this is a newer trend, experts say additional research is needed to see just how much of an impact this has on a user's health.

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